Medizinisches Labor Bremen
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Tradition and Prospects


The current heads of the laboratory are:
Dr. A. Gerritzen MD, PhD,
Prof. Dr. W. N. Kühn-Velten MD, PhD,
Dr. K. Klingler MD, PhD,
Dr. J.-W. Wittke MD, PhD,
Dr. H. D. Köster MD, PhD

In 1961 the Medical Laboratory Bremen was founded by Dr. Loll as an “institute for medical diagnostics and biochemistry”. Within the fi rst few years of its development, technically sophisticated processes for amino acid analysis, atom absorption spectrometry and gas chromatography had already been introduced.

From 1978 onwards this successful work was continually built upon under the leadership of Dr. Schiwara and his colleagues. The laboratory became one of the most renowned addresses in Germany, known for employing most advanced analytical technology and offering one of the most elaborate test menus in all areas of laboratory medicine and medical microbiology.

Since 2003 this tradition has been successfully continued under the name of “Medical Laboratory Bremen Dr. Wittke, Dr. Gerritzen & Partners”. Our clients include not only doctors, dentists, non-medical practitioners and midwives, but also laboratories, institutes, hospitals and university hospitals in Germany and Europe.

The Present

The specialist expertise and experience of our medical directors as well as the know-how of the 200 plus employees, amongst them 9 academics, enable us to offer a service spectrum of over 6,000 different measurable quantities. The high quality and reliability of our analytical services is documented by the accreditation of the whole laboratory according to the rules of the European community (DIN EN ISO 17025 and 15189).


Close collaborations with several hundred physicians in all fi elds of medicine as well as the cooperation with the laboratory for ground, water and air analysis of Dr. Döring GmbH, which is located in the same building, and a laboratory for human genetics complete our service profi le.


With medical commitment, qualified and innovative analyses, expert consultation and excellent service, the Medical Laboratory Bremen is dedicated to strengthen its cooperation in the future with all partners in the medical community in order to ensure state of the art patient care within the fi elds of clinical chemistry, immunology, haematology, medical microbiology, virology, toxicology, biochemistry and environmental medicine.