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Efficiency with Quality

TEST LIST of our analytical spectrum

The test list offers the whole spectrum of nearly 6,000 different measurable quantities.

Test List (PDF, 1,06MB)

Sophisticated and specialized analysis is our strength. We focus on tests most laboratories do not offer to their customers. In Germany and Europe we are one of the largest independent laboratories specialized in performing such rare tests. The combination of state-of-the-art technology, together with an experienced and dedicated staff, makes us a valuable cooperation partner for many European laboratories as well as for many partners in the pharmaceutical industry and several international companies from other industrial sectors. Using the most advanced technology, such as LC/MS/MS or Realtime-PCR, we are advancing into undreamt-of areas within drug monitoring, metabolic analysis and toxicology as well as in industrial and environmental medicine and microbiology. The specialist CSF analysis allows a qualifi ed differential diagnosis for CNS infections, dementias and multiple sclerosis. Specialized tests help to make autoimmune disorders as well as malignant processes more transparent to the clinician.

Our infectiological spectrum is exceptional for its diversity of cultures and immunological and microbiological features. In human genetics we additionally have the competent support of our specialist partner.

Our individual service can be tailored according to your specifi c needs and includes not only a wide range of all kinds of analytical tests but offers all the features you can expect from an effi cient, quality and customer-oriented medical laboratory.

Analytical Spectrum

  • Allergology
    600 individual allergens (IgE and IgG), mixes, multiallergen, panels, LTT, precipitating antibodies
  • Anti-aging
    Hormonal status, nutrition, antioxidants, osteoporosis
  • Occupational medicine
    > 200 harmful substances
  • Drug monitoring
    > 350 medicines and drugs
  • Coagulation
    Thrombosis and hemophilia, platelet function (ASA effectiveness), thrombopenia determination (HIT diagnosis), von Willebrand factor, single factor analysis, platelet antibodies
  • Hormone diagnostics
    Gynaecology, andrology, growth disorders
  • Hygiene
    Sterility tests, water quality
  • Immunology
    Lymphocyte typing and transformation tests, autoimmunity, HLA-B27, PNH, immunofixative electrophoresis
  • CSF diagnostics
    Reiber's antibody indices, Alzheimer's disease, oligoclonal bands, CSF rhinorrhoea, infectiology
  • Medical microbiology
    Cultures, antigen testing, legionella (e.g. MIC), PCR (TB, Chlamydia, Borrelia, Viruses, …)
  • Molecular biology
    Viral load of HIV, HBV, HCV, including genotyping, haemochromotosis, MTHFR, detoxication (GST)
  • Parasitology
    Pathogen and antibody testing
  • Prenatal diagnostics
    First trimester screening, triple test
  • Proteinuria/ haematuria
    Discontinuous elctrophoresis, erythrocyte morphology, Bence-Jones proteins
  • Serology
    Infections, auto-antibodies, rheumatism, vaccination status, lymphocyte transformation
  • Metabolic disorders
    Metabolites, enzymes and isoenzymes, congenital disorders, bone metabolism, diabetes mellitus, amino acids and derivatives (ADMA)
  • Technology at the highest level
    AAS, GC/MS, HPLC, IB, ICP/MS, IRS, LC-MS/MS, Real time PCR
  • Toxicology
    Drug screening in blood, urine, hair etc., intoxications
  • Tumour markers
    > 30 tumour markers and metabolites
  • Environmental medicine
    > 200 harmful substances, biochemical effect monitoring, susceptibility monitoring
  • Virology
    DNA/RNA tests, neutralisation tests